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The firat half od 2018 was not bad really. It just has not had a major system seller in the line up so hype has cooled down for the time being. Also it shoukd be noted that people who did not iwn a WiiU have nothing to complain about, as we saw a number of quality WiiU ports that many people never got the chance to play.

Bayonetta 1/2, Hyrule Warriors, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, and Captain Toad were all excellent additions to the Switch's library.

We also got a few first party exclusives and one excellent 3rd party exclusive. Kirby is a fun little game, despite its MANY flaws, and has sold very well. Mario Tennis is a really good game, abiet not a system seller. Octopath Traveler however is phenomenal and continues to exceed expectations, and Go Vacation just recently released as well.

Then we have multiplats...and we actually got quite a few current get ports to list here....

Wolfenstein 2
South Park:Fractured But Whole
Crash Nsane Trilogy
Lego Incredibles
Blazeblue Cross Tag

Just to name a few...

So as you can see, the Switch did not have a BAD year by any means. The only reasom it LOOKs bad is because A year 1 was so stacked with system selling exclusives that it looks bad by comparison, and B we have not had ANY system selling exclusives until Smash and Pokemon drop this holiday. You could argue Octopath is moving units, especially in Japan, but it is not moving gangbusters like Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, and Mario Kart did nor what Smash and Pokemon will do later this year. Throw in the fact that the media loves to bash any console that does well for a time and gives them even the slightest reason to spin into a negative, especially in Nintendo's case coming off of the WiiU and it makes the Switch a prime target for clickbait.

So was Q1 2018 bad? No not by any means. However that does not mean it was good for everyone as a whole. Someone who supported the WiiU might not have any use for WiiU ports. Most people did not, but many Switch owners did. Furthermore if you have another console and you do not value the portability aspect, bigger multiplat games will likely be bought on the PS4 or X1. If you do value portability however, many people still choose the Switch version over the PS4 or X1 version.

So while 2018 so was has been pretty decent as a whole, it was not good for everyone. It is all a matter of perspective really.

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