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Well, lets first ignore the sayings that switch dont need them. Lets supose that switch need to get the AAA third party games. Lets also ignore that not building these AAA games on switch is a bad industry practice, and lets consider that nothing we do will convince them to do so. I can only see 3 solutions.

1-Streaming. As long you are connected, you can play the games that are not being running natively on switch, they are on a cloud server. We already have seen some tests with RE7 in japan. 

Suggested way to do it: MS announced on E3 that are building a streaming service for you play your xbox games in any device (phones, PCs), Nintendo and MS should partner (and we have current evidence for their closeness) and bring this streaming service to switch also. MS seems more worried to get subscriptions than in selling hardware per se (we have plenty of evidence), each switch owners would be a potential subscriber. 

The good: access to any game(on xbox?). Developers do not worry to the game run on switch hardware, the developers develop the game for the traditional PC/x86. No effort to porting, downgrading, learn the architecture.

The bad: requires constant internet connection. As switch is an on the go system, this might not be avaliable. So, people wont have the access. Price, generally requires subscription or to pay. You lost the legacy of your games as you depend on cloud. 

2- New hardware. One of the factor of developers skip switch is the hardware. Despite the audience may not be there, if the hardware was as easy to port as pressing a button on their UE4 IDE with no constrains, more games would be on switch.

Suggested way to do it: create a new gaming hardware that follows the PS5 or next xbox specs as close as possible, include a switch chip (or at least, put a slot to people plug their switch like a dock) to run switch games too. 

The good: Development process for games, they can market as the next gen home console experience.   

The bad: price, lower initial installed base, install base split, wont be in fact a switch.

3-Create porting teams. If third parties do not develop the games, let Nintendo create studios specialized with AAA porting. Offer to port the games, handling development, publishing and sharing the profits. That could be applied at least for the Key games, like GTAV, MHW, RDR2, KH3. We have seen panic button bring doom, wolfenstein to switch, switch has modern features to handle the new technologies of games like dinamic resolution, but with given restrictions(particles, resolution, geometry, textures), the games can be ported and present a playable version on switch.

Suggested way to do it: Create 2 western and 1 japanese studios, working on the porting process of a minimum of 1 big game a year. 

The bad: They wont have capacity of porting every game, so, the library would still lack. Publishers may deny to get downgraded version of their 'masterpieces'. The compromises can sometimes affect the playability of some games.  

The good: Having key big third party games on switch library.


Any other suggestion of solution not based on streaming, new hardware or creation of porting teams?

Which one is better? (id like to see either 1 or 3)