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First 2 movies I saw in the theater this year have been the only 2. Infinity War and Deadpool 2. I liked IW. It loses some gravitas when one goes into it with the understanding that a majority of the massive events depicted in it are meaningless. It's like knowing it was all dream before Bobby Ewing got shot. I mean, it's "classic" comic book convention ( ba dum tish ), but that doesn't absolve it from that particular fault. Not for me anyways. Good movie though. I was enjoying Deadpool 2 just fine until a big thunder storm took out power to a large chunk of the city. Power cut out just when Deadpool, without giving away any spoilers, lifted the boom box over his head in an attempt to apologize to certain people. I also just watched Trainspotting 2 and Godzilla Monster Planet Part 2. I enjoyed both of those as well. Movies I watched this year that I didn't like were Star Wars TLJ and Kong: Skull Island.


- Oh, and Spiderman: Homecoming. By the end, I haaaated it. My least fav MCU movie by a wide margin.

Last edited by COKTOE - on 03 August 2018

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