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quickrick said:
curl-6 said:

Knew it wouldn't be long before you'd be in here downplaying this.

I did say the sales are good, so i'm not downplaying the sales, just saying it's not like the game is doing amazing numbers that thirdparty's will notice and start focusing on switch. if a thirdparty game would do similar to a nintendo game then i'm sure AAA third-party's will take notice.

It is doing as good if not better than my new Nintendo IP's. Did I not just see sales reported for like Nintendo Labo, Mario Tennis, and one other as like between 1-1.5 million each. I think Arms is like less than 2. Octopath will sell more than that game.

Or are you stupidly saying a new IP should sell as well as Mario Odyssey or Zelda Breath of the Wild?