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quickrick said:
routsounmanman said:

It certainly won't stop there. It can definitely go up to 3m LTD. And considering its production costs, it is bound to be more profitable than many other games.

And they're selling that well for a reason. They're great, desirable games. If third parties want in on the fun, they should also bring their A game.

I doubt it, i think it will ship 2 million LTD, and why would they need to bring there A game to switch? they are selling millions on the other platforms.

3m shipped is basically a lock at this point. Remember, games on Nintendo platforms are rarely front-loaded, and Switch still has a relatively small install base sure to grow. Not to mention JRPG fans are core gamers, actively looking for games they have missed when they jump aboard a new platform.

And saying they don't have to engage on the Switch because they sell well on PS4 / Xbone is so absurdly wrong. For example porting KH3 to the Switch (assuming it's possible) would effectively drop development costs, and consequent risk, not to mention more revenue, sales, profit and exposure.

And it can go even better with exclusives. I dare anyone argue that an exclusive FFVI remake for the Switch would not sell multiple millions, in the range of 4-5 or even more.