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quickrick said:
curl-6 said:

But... but the internet told me Nintendo gamers only buy Nintendo made games...

Seriously though, this is bloody awesome news. Great to see what looks like a game made with love and passion succeed. See third parties, you can sell well on Switch, you just need to make a desirable product.

1 million shipped in 20 days is good but it's nothing mind blowing that will make third-parties care about switch, and yes people buy nintendo consoles for mainly nintendo games, just look at how insane nintendo games are selling. 

It certainly won't stop there. It can definitely go up to 3m LTD. And considering its production costs, it is bound to be more profitable than many other games.

And they're selling that well for a reason. They're great, desirable games. If third parties want in on the fun, they should also bring their A game.