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StarDoor said:
DonFerrari said:

Well Nintendo had overestimated their shipments for 3DS and WiiU several times and even with multiple down revisions...

For the topic in hand I think it will be quite hard to do 20M. And comparing to Wii that probably had the low Q1 due to shortages isn't much parameter on my opinion and even if we use it and instead of just taking 500k of the total make it proportional we see that 18M would be more reasonable to expect.

Wii was not having shortages in the middle of 2009. The reason Q1 had a low shipment number is because Nintendo over-shipped in the previous quarter: They went from 5.43M in Q4 FY 2008 to 2.23M in Q1 FY 2009.

Gotcha, my bad then. For me I remembered Wii being supply constrained almost up to its 4th year.

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