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PAOerfulone said:

I’d get to play them on the go. Whereever and whenever I please. I find that many ch more apprali g than more powerful hardeare.

Additionally, GTA V and Persona 5 are also on the PS3, where they were orginally developed. 

The Switch is supposed to be more powerful than that system, albeit slightly. So, would they really be ported to a weaker system?

The Switch is more than slightly more powerful than the PS360...much more.  It is just also a far cry from the X1.  It goes like this...




That is why I find it crazy when people try to say those games cannot run on Switch.  In the case of Persona 5, I believe it is the dev's relationship with Sony regarding the IP.  With GTAV....I have no idea why it has not been announced yet.

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