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The Switch so far has had pretty decent 3rd party support thus far with the Switch, but there is still much to be desired.  Late ports are still something that run rampant on the system almost a year and a half later and some of the more demanding ports seem to be nitpicked by those who prefer the experience on X1 or PS4, as there is a noticeable performance gap between versions.  It is worth noting however that these ports, while inferior visually, still look and play like full current gen experiences cor the most part.  This is enough for many people who prefer probability over visuals for their gaming or even gyro aiming in shooters.  Meanwhile those with multiple consoles and the time to play at home could care less about these ports.


Now I am noticing a trend with the release of Octopath Traveler and I got to thinking a bit.  People are more receptive of 3rd party games like Mario Plus Rabbids, Octopath, or the upcoming Bayonetta 3 than a late port like DOOM, South Park, or Wolfenstein 2.  Some like these big western 3rd party games being on Switch, myself included, but many seem to nitpick to high hell and back.  This is reflected in sales as well for the most part.


This could be something as simple as exclusivity vs multiplat or even late port vs new game, but I have to ask...which would you prefer if you could only have one?


Would you prefer it if Nintendo invested and published 3rd party games for the Switch and me got more games like Octopath and Bayonetta 3 in the pipeline, or would you rather have the late portable versions of as many 3rd party multiplats as possible?


You can only have one, but there are a few exceptions to what games would be eliminated if you would rather have 3rd party exclusives.  Games like Skyrim, Wolfenstein, DOOM, FIFA (watered down version), South Park, etc would be off the table for being a late fact lets really shake things up and say all 3rd party multiplat games are gone from western devs.  The only exception are 3rd party JRPGs or Japanese centric games due to the success and nature of the system in the Japanese market.  It is just unrealistic to imagine any game like this, outside of large AAA games like Kingdom Hearts 3 or FFXV, would not go to Switch.  So get a PASS!


SO would you rather see 3rd party support where Nintendo works with the developers and funds exclusive 3rd party games like Bayo 3 and Octopath Traveler?  This option would mean many more titles that fit this category and enough exclusive games to rival traditional 3rd party support.  Again, JRPGs are safe, all other multiplats are gone.  And yes, that includes Fortnite.


OR would you rather have as many multiplat ports as possible without any of the 3rd party exclusives I mentioned above?  They could be late, or day and date pending on the dev.  JRPGs will still be available for this option as well.  This leaves the door open for the new DOOM, Wolfenstein 3, etc to eventually come to the system.  This also keeps the door for cross play with MS open as well, and of course, Fortnite is retained.  So basically, the same multiplat support we see now, but more of the multiplat games come over such as CoD, Assassin's Creed, etc.


Also bear in mind, all 1st party Nintendo games will remain in either scenario as well.


I personally vote for unique experiences.  I do not need a portable PS4 and if the Switch gets 3rd party support even relatively close to the other console, but through working with Nintendo for exclusive titles, this will be more than enough for me.  This will give me personally more options for games on the go, as I tend to lean toward PS4 as far as multiplats go in most cases.


So which do you choose and why?  And no, the answer, "I do not have a Switch so I do not want them to have exclusives" is not a valid answer.  This is for people who are interested in, or already have a Switch.  Not those who have already decided against the system.

Last edited by Shiken - on 30 July 2018

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