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mZuzek said:

GOWTLOZ said: 

This is all about graphics, not visuals, so only discuss the most technologically impressive games of the generation. So no DS games, because PSP had objectively better games in terms of technology. No 3DS games because Vita. Talking of Switch games mention the best looking game in portable form and not on docked.

I'm doing this to keep bias out of the way. Obviously many would say a DS and 3DS game because it "appeals" more to them visually which mocks the point of the discussion. Its appreciating technology, not art styles.

Sure, but technologically impressive can also mean it's impressive for the hardware it's on.

As an example, Resident Evil: Revelations looks incredible on the 3DS and I still have a bit of a hard time believing it runs on it.

I'll think of more later, but yeah, there's definitely more impressive GBA picks than Pokémon lol. I recall seeing a 3D game on it once, it was quite ugly of course but it was proper 3D. Can't remember the name.

This topic isn't about how impressive it is for the hardware but if its the most impressive for the generation of portables which you clearly know RE R isn't. If you're going to keep twisting the topic at hand, make your own topic.

S.Peelman said:
RE Revelations looks better than 9 out of 10 Vita games so there goes that. It looks better than RER2 anyway.

Its not as good as any of the AAA Vita games. Ofc its better than indies. Still about that 1 out of 10 in your books, why don't you pick one of those.

Its like picking Bayonetta 2 on Wii U because it looks better than Don't Starve on PS4. Ofc it does. But you would know VERY well it is far from reaching the heights of PS4's best looking games.