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I guess I am a story gamer, then. I enjoy a game for what it is, not for what kind of trophies it offers. But still I try to see as much of game as possible, if the game is good. Like, I usually want to collect 100% of the items in a Metroid game. I searched for all hidden memories in BotW, though I would never waste my time and collect all 900 Korok seeds.

Trophies are a waste of time and effort in my eyes. A game should be entertaining enough without them. I disabled the pop up icon immediately on the PS3 and 4.

Speaking of BotW, the Korok seeds may not be trophies per se but you actually get a reward for finding all 900, and it's a pile of golden shit. Literally. Does anyone else beside me belive that this is nothing other than the developers making fun of trophy hunters? :D