So today, I bought the New 3DS XL.  It is my first Nintendo product in some time.  On one hand, I know that I can hack the system and get whatever I want, but personally, with the Vita in hand, I can get all of the retro games I want.  And I don't mind supporting developers that provide good content, so therefore purchasing games is not a problem for me.  So far I don't have anything so I am coming here to ask two questions:

1.  Should I just hack it, get a 64GB SD card and download all of the games.  

2.  If I decide to be legit, what are the best games (DS and 3DS) that I can get.  I like RPGs, Mario and other good platformers.  I obviously want to build my collection up, but what should I get.  I need a list, the best of the best.  I can get one or two at a time but go off the idea that I can only get one game every two weeks.  What should my priority be and ask me more questions if you need to know my tastes.  

Thanks in advance.