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shikamaru317 said:
This kind of contradicts what they said about why they didn't localize Yakuza Ishin. They said they were afraid to release it in the west because they thought that it couldn't be enjoyed without knowledge of Japanese history.

It does, but things change over the course of a decade, and there are different voices making these remarks. They've certainly changed their overall stance on Yakuza in the west since then. Last gen, they tried their hand at releasing 3 and 4 in the west, with compromises in 3. Then, with sales seemingly not as good as they'd have liked, decided to scrap 5 from it western release schedule. It took a petition for them to bring it here, and even then, only digitally. That's quite the contrast to this gen. Still, you're correct. It's a shame most western fans won't ever have an opportunity to play it. I have 2 friends that took the plunge and played the Japanese version. They made a case for me to do likewise, but I couldn't be bothered to jump through all the flaming hoops necessary to do it.

- I was thinking about Yakuza Kenzan, the spiritual successor to Ishin. I don't think I've edited this post quite enough. Hopefully I'll get a few more in before I go to bed.

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