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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The West Likes Yakuza Because It Doesn't Pander to Western Tastes, Says SEGA

SEGA has come a long way since the days of removing parts of Yakuza 3 because western audiences wouldn't "get it". Speaking to GameIndustry, SEGA Europe boss John Clark says that Yakuza has found its footing here in the West because it doesn't shy away from its Japanese roots.

"We're not turning every Yakuza title into an open-world Yakuza game. That's not what's happening," Clark states. "We're representing the Japanese IP, the Japanese road map, the Japanese content to the relevant audience within the West. And whether there's a need to change that or not, I don't know. But it seems to be successful and it seems to be working." In other words, fans of Japanese games and Japan in general like Yakuza because... Well, because it's so Japanese.

We remember a time not all that long ago when Japanese publishers were desperate to crack the western video game market, pushing titles that borrowed heavily from existing western game design. To some extent, the incredibly divisive Final Fantasy XIII was a product of that mentality, as was the downright terrible Quantum Theory.

As such, it's great to see a series like Yakuza grow in popularity outside of its homeland. Even better is that SEGA seems to understand why it's catching on. Let's keep it going.


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I love the Yakuza-Games :) My reasons:

1) the story is extremely exciting
2) The boss-fights are legendary
3) The gameplay has many great features, RPG elements & mini games
4) I am interested in Japanese culture
5) the characters are very varied and interesting
ect =) My favorite characters are: Kazuma, Akiyama, Makoto, Kaoru Sayama, the golden dragon and Tachibana :) And Majima is so crazy xD

I'm really looking forward to Yakuza Kiwami 2 in august :) Yakuza 2 had one of the best video game stories of all time. I want this Remake now : D And the ("Yakuza Zero"-)extras are very exciting too. Good work, Sega!

PS: Anyone interested in japanese culture or exciting stories with many great gameplay-possibilities should try a Yakuza-game ;)

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And right they are. Can't wait to get the games on PC. Sega might becoming my favorite Japanese publisher.

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That is actually true.

The west is turning twards over sensitivity socially.

Yakuza gives a taste of the 90's where this nonsense wasn't a thing and people just had fun and played games to have fun, rather than to make social statements.

Yakuza games are amazing! Sega is doing a fantastic job with this series and hope they keep at it.

Suck it Capcom for making some excuse years back about Westerns wont enjoy a new Onimusha game cause its too Japanese. And now if Capcom did make a new one people wont care as much because we have Nioh and Ghost of Tsushima to fill that void. Their lost. ...But they can make up for it by making a new Dino Crisis. We haven't had a good action dinosaur game in forever!!! T_T

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I started with 3 on a lark and it was such a breath of fresh air. It's been so long, I'd honestly forgotten about the removed parts in 3. I've never plat'd any of them, but spent at least 120 hours+ on each of 3 ,4, and 5. Some of the side stories, Oh my god. Funny shit. Even the transphobic stuff, which is *cough* kiiinda doesn't feel malicious at the very least. Don't get caught by the marauding trans sex monster! You cannot possibly withstand her sex attack! The best transphobic humor this side of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Good times. Good times......This was mostly in 3 and 4. The character in question was treated with more reverence in Yakuza 5.

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Pretty much yeah, didnt care for 3 when I played it, for some reason 4 just clicked with me. 5 not as good but i still gotta finish it

Hmm I just finished 0 and Kiwami while I love those games I would say 40% of the story + side missions are good and the rest feel like filler or are boring.

If thats the case, I should probably check this franchise out!

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This is not a perfect mentality you guys. I understand why we like SEGA acknowledging, but we should careful about it.