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drkohler said:
Smartie900 said:
You have to be a certain level of crazy in order to hang off the side of an airplane while it's a couple hundred feet above the air just so you can get a cool trailer thumbnail.

Yeah... sure. Ever heard of green screen technology?


but that's the charm with the mission impossible movies... they dont use one and tom cruise really did hang of the side of a plane a couple hundred feet above the ground !

in the last one there's a superb helicopter chase scene. how they done it ? Tom cruise actually learned to fly an helicopter, and he was in charge of acting, piloting the helicoter and operating the cameras because he was alone in the damn thing.


that said, i saw it yesterday and it was very damned good. like, you're on the edge of your seat half of the movie. Henry Cavil was impressive too. see it in imax, it worth it.


but see rogue nation before, they share a lot of connection