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Nem said:

Now, it is also a fact that it's selling well. That is still a bit of a mistery. Who is buying it, if it's not a competent home console? I can only think it's the same people that bought a 3DS. It's a decently big enough crowd to support the system, but is that a sucess? Cause at that point we are comparing Wii U+3DS to switch. Is the switch truly a sucess when seen from that angle? Will it be able to grow that market? I have my doubts, but we'll see.

There is no mystery at all why Switch is so popular and why is selling so good, its very obvius: great concept that other consoles dont offer, great exclusives and great marketing and branding. You mentioned 3DS, but reality is that Switch is selling better than 3DS in same timer period despite fact that 3DS need to have huge price cut only after 6 months after launch in order to sell while Switch is still selling very good whithout any bundle or price cut. Talking about sucess, Switch is far more profatible for Nintendo than 3DS and Wii U combined were (both were selling with losses on start).

About point who exatly is buying Switch: Nintendo fans, generaly handhelds fans, family/casual players, PS4/XB1/PC owners also...NPD said that over 40% of Switch owners in the US also owned a PS4.

Last edited by Miyamotoo - on 26 July 2018