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Mar1217 said:
COKTOE said:
This thread reminded me that I have the limited edition of Little Dragons Cafe ordered and on the the way. Beyond being a JRPG, I have almost no idea what it is. Literally just googled it right now. Just thought it sounded neat and decided to get it on a whim. The way to do it really.

I had to actually look at the trailer and look the production staff to know what was going on with that game. Turns out it is kind of a Story of Seasons/Rune Factory/Harvest Moon successor ?

I've never played any of those games TBH, but know more or less what type of games they are. Just watched the trailer too. Looks like you're correct in your assessment. It's got a nice vibe to it. Would be a nice change of pace from the norm. Maybe I'll move it ahead in the backlog queue.

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