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NightlyPoe said:
Eagle367 said:

I'm on the opposite scale here: I think we will see this end when Palestine no longer exists. At this point I don't care whether Palestine or Israel exists I just don't want oppression and conlifct to continue and innocents to die. Also I think rightfully this land is plaestine's since the British basically forced the Jewish state on their land when they could've basically chosen any land in the middle east. Palestine is not just Muslims, it's also native Jews and Christians but Israel was always formed as a Jewish state and that too provides an inherent flaw for me in Israel. It wasn't the local Jews that made Israel like how Muslims in India made Pakistan but rather European Jews that made it so

The difference is that the extinction of Palestine isn't necessary.  Israel would be happy to have peaceful neighbors.  That's not an option for them though.  Palestinians have that option and have chosen hate and death instead, despite it being obviously against their own interests.

The other important distinction is that the Israelis could do as you suggest and eliminate the Palestinian threat.  They possess that power and choose, against their own interests, to allow their belligerent neighbors to continue murdering their people because the other option is simply wrong.

If the Palestinians possessed the power to destroy Israel, they would tomorrow, regardless of Israel's actions.  Their mere existence would be enough provocation.

Too me, the whole anti-Israel thing is pretty nutty.  The Palestinians are the masters of their own fate in the end.  If they wished to stop the pain and suffering, their own more than Israel's, all they must do is renounce hate and genocide and truly work towards a better future for themselves and Israel.  But they don't.  So even though they are the weaker ones and receive the blunt end of the destruction, they receive no sympathy from me.  They are the souls that need changing here.

And it's time the world stopped being neutral and started condemning them instead of indulging their hate and treating them like victims instead of the aggressors

I strongly disagree.Natenyahu is obssessed and is slowly illegally taking more and more land from the Palestinians and squeezing them into smaller and smaller places. Plus it's not easy to genocide a people larger than yours that have a high birthrate as well. Look at the beginning of the century and how much illegal settlements Israel has and now how much illegal settlements they have. Israel is playing the long game as otherwise they might meet opposition from many countries. As in actual physical opposition not just condemnation. It's telling that only US supports calling Hamas a terror group and only US stood with Israel in UN. Israel routinely murders children, nurses, doctors etc with no terrorist in sight. The soldiers enjoy beating up children for fun. Israel is much worse than Palestine and a huge offender. They haven't destroyed Palestine yet for their own survival and benefit. It has nothing to do with morals or human decency. Israel is very trigger happy when It comes to palestinians and sees them as subhuman but is controlling itself because it fears other world powers. Look at what's happening at West bank and you'll see the trend of Israel ending Palestine in half a century or century. 

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also