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Miyamotoo said:
JEMC said:

The conclusions and false hopes are start talking about games like GTA (mentioned in most of the posts in the thread) just for Zelnick's PR statement.

And as I said, WWE 2K18 was bad because they made a bad game. If a bad game sold well, why wouldn't they invest more to make an actually good game that will sell more? After all, they know that there's a market for that kind of game, and yet they've decided that it's not worth it. Maybe you find it ok, but I find it suspicious.

Lastly, maybe they didn't use that kind of PR statement with Wii U, but that console failed miserably. But we had those kind of statements during the Wii era, and they came with games to back them up. Because of that, I would take his words with a pinch of salt.

What you wrote is not true at all, no one concluded that we are definitely getting GTA V, "it would be good fit" means totally different thing. Why GTAV is false hope!? Its still one of biggest game thats still sell great, its last gen also, so of course they are some chances that game could be come to Switch. So in this thread no one made wrong conclusions and false hopes.

Maybe because game sold less than NBA 2K18 for instance, and they had plenty of problems, critics, backlash with that Switch port and they think sequel is not worth it because they could have similar results. I mean there is reason why NBA 2K18 is coming to Switch and WWE 2K19 dont.

Thats hole point, Wii U failed and 3rd party games didnt sell on it, Switch is success and 3rd party games are actually selling, thats why they did say "ours games are successful and we will have more more products in future". I dont recall they said something similar for Wii, also porting games from 360/PS3 to Wii was much harder than porting games from 360/PS3/XB1/PS4 to Switch, and despite that 2K/Rocksteady released around 25 games on Wii, while Wii U had only one 2K/Rocksteady game.

Four of the posts on the front page of this thread (10 post per page) mention GTA. Sure, no one said that it's coming, but they're asking for it when there is no evidence of that. And please, let's not talk about that again because we've already done that, and E3 has passed by with no news about it... take your own conclusions.

Again, WWE was a terrible game but, by the way the article is written, it still made money. A better game would be better recieved and sell more as a result. If they don't give it a chance, it's for a reason I don't understand.

And let's just say that I've been burned before with those PR statements (specially from higher ups), so I go with that "Fool me once, it's your fault. Fool me twice and then it's my fault". Bring in the goods, Mr. Zelnick, and then I may believe you.

Please excuse my bad English.

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