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CartBlanche said:
Aeolus451 said:


Israel is the Jewish nation. Lefties making nonsensical claims against Israel is  just more lefties hating on Jews.

That is idiotic and non sensical. I'm convinced you don't really understand English and logic. When I criticise the US, am I criticising all the catholics, because the US is 1 nation under (a catholoc) god? That also means every time YOU criticise Iran, or any other middle eastern country, you are criticising the whole of Islam!! 

I suggest you may need to go back to school to learn about critical thinking and analysis and then how to come to logical conclusion, rather than the emotive one you current have, which is bereft of any logic.

I hate when people try to bring US as an example for things. US is a horrible example for most all situations. The US is so unique compared to every other country in the world it should never be used for comparison sakes.

But Israel when talking about Jews is like bringing up the Vatican when talking about Catholics. Israel is like the holy center/land for the Jewish faith and its people. A Jew visiting there would be like a catholic visiting the Vatican. They are there solely for religious reasons.