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irstupid said:
mZuzek said:

This is the worst argument I've seen thrown around. The idea that people can only change when they're teenagers, that once they reach adulthood we stay the same forever. Everyone can have dramatic changes in their personality/lifestyle at any point in their life, all it takes is for a few things to happen to someone which can affect them enough to cause this change. Obviously, I can exemplify the GotG characters themselves, who undergo dramatic changes in their 30's or 40's, but if we need to go with real people, I personally know a few people who have done a complete 180 in their career and lifestyle in their 40's. I once read a story about someone who one day decided to become a DJ and began to make a living off it, in her 70's. I mean, there's even a popular term (midlife crisis) for people who undergo tough, life-changing moments when they're older.

If you wanna be so convinced that James Gunn is a pedophile rapist, there's nothing I can do to change your mind. There's no solid evidence either for or against it, but what there is is a whole lot of people close to him (and even himself) talking about his past and the person he was back then. These people might be biased, of course, but to think we know more about Gunn than them is ludicrous - and what has been said is that Gunn, back then, was trying to make a living off of shocking people. He posted fucked up stuff because he saw that as his means of promoting his career (hardly surprising if you've seen his previous films, he had plenty of overly gory moments and stuff like that). I think when you're working in an artistic industry for over 10 years and no one gives a shit about your work, neither does it make enough money, it can have that effect on you, to make you desperate and begin trying to do anything to get attention.

Wanting to be successful is something that can bring out both the best and the worst in people, regardless of whether you're 15 or 45 or anything else. And yes, we all have our worst sides. We've all made that casual homophobic or racist joke without giving it much thought. We've all said insensitive stuff thinking only about ourselves without even realizing other people might be hurt by it. And no, maybe we never did on Twitter hundreds or thousands of times, but that can be because likely neither of us was desperately trying to make a U-turn in a so far failed career at moviemaking. I gotta say, as someone who aspires to make it as a musician one day, if things don't go my way and my music never really gets to people, beyond that being incredibly depressive, it then scares me to think about what I might say or do to turn things around. Instead, knowing myself, I'd probably say or do nothing and just give up on my music career because I lack determination, but is that really better? To give up on what I love doing just because I'm afraid of risking my public image? That might make me look like less of an asshole, but it would make my career a failure and I'd feel like shit for it... and even then, it's not like James Gunn has offended more people than he inspired. Hardly anyone knew about these tweets a week ago, whereas millions of people have seen, and been deeply moved by his movies. I know for one, GotG Vol. 2 had a serious impact on me as a person, for the better, and I'm sure it happened to many other people too. This, to me, is much more valuable than whatever crap James Gunn might have said in a somewhat distant past.


Who says he's changed? His apology when he got hired by Disney, and his apology now when the tweets resurfaced and he lost his job or was in danger of losing it?

When he was hired by Disney, they either saw these tweets, some of them or his earlier work and told him he needed to get out in front of it, and ALSO most likely told him to never do that shit again. So he quit tweeting. Him no longer tweeting that stuff doesn't mean he magically was now a perfect human being.  One's public image is often very much a lie.

There was that recent NY attorney general that was heralded as this champion of women and almost celebrity status. Had fake comic book superheroes made in his image and so on. Yet we then find out he was a huge woman abuser, emotionally and physically. Referring to his Sri Lanken girlfriend as brown slave and making her call him master and physically abusing her. Same with other women.

Who knows what James Gunn is like in private.

None of us, including you.  This isn't Minority Report where we respond to incidents before they occur.