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irstupid said:
Cobretti2 said:
Makes no sense considering he deleted apologised so not like Disney didn't know

He was hired in a different time.

But I don't find his humor innocent.

1. They weren't funny.
2. The sheer amount of them
3. I keep hearing decade ago, when I see some tweets were only 5 years ago
4. His age. I hear people say, do you want to be held accountable for something you posted 10 years ago when you were say 10 or 17 or something young. Gunn is like 53 years old. That means his most recent tweet was when he was 47 years old. Not a teenager, but freaking 47 years old.
5. He is a Hollywood director. If any Hollywood director is found to be a pedophile or something, I would NEVER be shocked. It's amazing how horrible some of them are. Hell, Hollywood still celebrates convicted pedophiles and let them still work.

To me his posts scream a super homophobic guy who we later find out is gay. The fascination he had with child rape jokes, really makes you think he either has done that/does it, or has a secret desire to do so.

Look at the post above you. I googled the guys name and rick and morty and there was only ONE article about it. That was from Breitbart. Where is the rest of the press? Hell even this James Gunn story got like relatively low media coverage, and nearly half of it in defense of him. The holllywood/media always seems to shelter or look the other way when it's related to pedophilia. I feel it's like the whole Winestein situation. Where "everyone" knew. I found that funny when it came out. I had no idea on who he was, but was not surprised in one bit hearing all I heard. Felt like that was what we all knew was going on in Hollywood. Yet who is all surprised and outraged? The media and Hollywood actors, the very people that you know damn well knew of it first hand.

Making inappropriate jokes is not the same thing as the Harvey Weinstein situation where someone used their position to try to force women to sexually compromise themselves.  People can have a foul mouth and still be a good person and be able to contribute to society.