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HoloDust said:
GoOnKid said:

Many people fail to understand that portability does not mean you MUST play it outside. It rather opens up possibilites inside the house, too. That way, I can play in the kitchen while I wait for dinner to finish cooking without the need to switch (no pun intended) rooms. Stationary consoles don't offer that. And THAT is comfort.

You mean something like Wii U?

I don't give a damn about handhelds, but Wii U was actually nice idea...if only Wii U Gamepad was optional peripheral for those who actually want to play in kitchen or while taking a dump, and not forced on consumers.

Sony is giving you this option with PS4/Vita, nVidia is giving you this option with their cards on PC.

Kind of like the Wii U, yes, but the problem with the Wii U is that the Gamepad needs to be close to the console itself, so your range of action is quite limited.