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I'll try to break everything down instead of leaving a wall of text.

- The funny thing about all this are the people covering it on Youtube. They'll show you what he said, but they will not say it out loud because they're afraid of getting a strike on their channel, lol. I can't blame them, but still. It's hilarious.

- As far as Disney firing him is concerned, I can't blame them. They have an image they like to keep and as soon as someone gets out of line, they have to protect their brand. I think had it been a different company and if he was working on movies with a different kind of demographic, they may have let it slide. For him , it was the worst kind of situation to be in.

- As far as what he said, it's definitely questionable. It's one thing to make sick cringe jokes. I know his background. He worked for Troma Entertainment. That kind of sick humor is almost to be expected. HOWEVER, it is concerning because it wasn't just a few tweets. He made literally hundreds of tweets about the same subjects matter. These tweets were about rape and pedophilia. It was almost as if he had some weird obsession with that stuff. Also, joking about it with a guy who later got arrested for child porn doesn't do James Gunn any favors.

- As for Mike Cernovich, if you hate that guy, I've got bad news for you. There's nothing you can do about it. You can post controversial tweets from him all day, but it doesn't matter because he can't get fired. He doesn't work for anybody. It also doesn't change what James Gunn had tweeted. Unless you have definite proof that Mike Cernovich is a rapist or a pedophile, there's nothing his opponents can do.

- Then there's the political atmosphere. I think the problem is the left has decided that they are going to be the modern day moralists. 30 years ago, or even up until 10 years ago, the right were the moralists. The left also runs the entertainment industry. As a result of all this, whenever somebody says or tweets something that is deemed immoral, that's it. They're done. The context doesn't even matter anymore. Look at Roseanne. James Gunn supported her getting fired and what she said wasn't nearly as bad as what he said. Look at the controversy surrounding Papa Johns, though that isn't entertainment, but still. I think if the left insists of being moralists, then they should hold themselves to the same standards as everyone else and in this case, that is exactly what Disney has done. In my personal opinion, I don't think any side should strive to be the moralists. I think what is deemed controversial and unacceptable should be dealt with on an individual basis, mostly because context matters.

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