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Can I support the human beings living in Palestine without supporting the terrorist organizations there? Can I support the existence of Israel without supporting Zionism? I'm not sure I'm allowed to anymore. Feels like both sides want all or nothing support for one nation and opposition to the other nowadays and I'm just a fascist/communist anti-Semite/Islamaphobe if I take a moderate position.

OP, please don't use the term apartheid lightly. To my knowledge, the have no plans to put armbands on Arabs, but yes, the irony if they did would be sickening, and there is already irony in their current positions. It is headed in a dangerously Zionist direction. It is not apartheid yet, and you can criticize the policies without using that term.

Speaking of apartheid and the abused becoming the abusers, take a look at South Africa right now and what they're doing to white people. While I wouldn't use the term apartheid to describe Israel, I do agree with OP that Israel is at least headed in a similar direction of the abused becoming the abusers. This is why politics based on identity, be that a racial one, religious one, or otherwise, is toxic to human rights, free and fair democracies, and stable civilizations and societies.