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DonFerrari said:
I think that besides child pornography the game will let you do basically anything

Oh, I'm sure Dreams will be capable, but users, sony, and your local authorities will definitly make sure to put an end to it.

LipeJJ said:
I'm starting to dig it. But I wonder if this wil end up on PS5, since we don't even have a release date yet.

I fully expect Dreams to be supported on both PS4 and PS5. Dreams is a development platform that will allow anyone to make games for PlayStation hardware, and even alloe users to export thier projects to Unity for release on other platforms. Sony will very likely be supporting this for a very long time. Dreams should continue to evolve over time. We will see a lot more than just entertainment from Dreams. If it is anything like LBP, expect crazy Calculators, Word Processors, Music Mixing Apps, and all kinds of wacky stuff from people just testing to see what they can do with the tools.

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