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Dreams is actually a full set of development tools all wrapped into one package.

At its core it is a development platform allowing you to create your own Art, Levels, Gameplay, Music, Logic, Animation, and more for any Movie, Game, Music, or Text based project you want to build.

Dreams is going to allow players to build 3D artwork that they can use in a digital project, or print out in 3D as anything for display or real worlduses.

Dreams is going to allow players to build content that can be exported to Unity to reach other platforms.

This is a development tool that I believe Sony and Media Molicule plan to support for a very long time. We will see games from all genres, we will even see individual games that mix genres, and new types of gameplay We will have Movies, Short Films and TV Series.

Just like LBP, expect to see massive support from many gaming properties, movie and tv properties, book properties, and other brands looking to advertise.

Dreams will be amazing if Sony handles it properly. Now we just need a freaking beta and a release date.

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