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Xxain said:

Action JRPGS will be the brunt of the few JRPG's that get AAA budget. This is because elements of an ARPG are more in line with what's the norm in today's market, number 1 being worlds in which you transition between Town, exploring and battles seamlessly. Turn base/classic JRPG's do not lend themselves with well with those elements. The reason you why should root for JRPG styles that you don't necessarily like is because they are going to pay for more games like Octopath Traveller. The success of FFX or Xeno is a success for the entire genre. If FFXV had bombed there would be not Octopath Traveller (FF bombs then RPG lesser than it goes bye bye). Games like Octo are an experiment that developers would only be willing to take if they know that have funds coming in elsewhere. The fall of Action RPG is not going to propel classic JRPG's back (stupid kiddy mindset). It's going to kill the whole genre. You don't have to like ARPG's, but do know they are important for survival of the genre.

That's not a stupid mindset, it's basic business.

If Product A (Old style RPGs) is selling and Product B (modern RPGs) is not, then companies will make more of Product A. You could have a point if only Product B was on the market and not selling well, companies may think 'this entire genre is less popular now, we shouldn't make product A or B'. But both products are on the market; if one does better than the other, companies will make more of the successful product.