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HylianSwordsman said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Probably, that's not really an excuse though. Others seem to agree as well. I assumed the OP wouldn't care since this site isn't really an echo chamber, it allows for a lot of opinions and such. It's obvious I meant no offense, and he shouldn't have taken issue with the comment anyways. 

I mean Ganon thought the creator was obnoxious, but that's not the same as being vitriolic about the very idea of discussing lore or "game theories". You didn't just insult the creator, you insulted everyone who finds his work interesting or worthwhile by calling it a stupid and declaring that "no one" asked it or wanted it. Here's an alternate way you could have phrased it that would get your disdain across without being antagonistic.

"Questions like these are just so pointless. Why do people feel the need to waste time trying to find an in-universe explanation for simple aesthetic design choices that the creators probably made thoughtlessly?"

Equally skeptical of the point of the discussion, still essentially the same opinion, would probably be equally depressing to anyone who wanted to have a serious discussion about the topic, but no one could really argue that it was rude. Other people agree with you, but they weren't rude about it. Even Ganon kept it to the personality of the creator, and could legitimately claim your earlier argument that it was just about a "content creator you have no personal stake in". 

Yeah, no I didn't. The topic creator is known for overreacting, it's his main characteristic (I mean his sig literally explains it). Trying to jump to the defense that I was greatly insulting the fanbase is just silly, honestly, because I wasn't. I don't care if someone finds something rude that wasn't intended to be rude unless I can genuinely understand and sympathize with the perspective. I can't in this scenario, ideally nobody should be offended over such a trivial comment, so I don't really care. 

By the way, Gnoggin does the same thing on Twitter: 

Link to the VGChartz Discord server:

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