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I have my eye on the game, but a flaw that can turn into a really big problem and seems to be just kind of swept under the rug by reviewers or gamers is the grinding. Also, I don't know anything about the encounter rate but it looked kind of high relatively speaking from what I have seen in some gameplay. Can we control the encounter rate like in BD? Because that should be considered a make or break for many gamers not willing to go through a potential slog fest of a jrpg like the olden days. Does anybody know if there is at least an item or something that turns off the encounter rate? I am overall ok with random battles if the rate and necessity to grind is done half way decently. I have slogged through many old school jrpgs, but the ones with high encounter rates have always been a huge pain for the vast majority of JRPGs save for maybe a few FF games that did it right in terms of the rate and exp/gil reward rate per battle.

I have no desire to go back to that flawed game design to be honest; even if the story is great.

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