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Doom. Yes, i took mobility over everything. Even price, though 25€ wasn't that expensive. Getting the game for Xbox One would have cost 12,99€ though.

But right now i enjoy and need the flexibility of Switch while i hardy find the time to play on my Xbone.

Yes, from a technical perspective, Doom as well as Wolfenstein are pretty low end on Switch if you compare them to the other versions. But even with the worst of all downgrades, framerate (no, it's really not resolution) bothe games are playable. Doom is at least with the current patch level.

On the other hand there's the option to change between mobile and tv, which is absolutely great for me right now. Especially handheld mode saves my gaming live at the moment.

Yes, there are reasons to take the seemingly inferiour if not worst version of a game and enjoy it this way.

And yes, there's one issue as well. Pricing. I got Doom really cheap, but i had a bit of luck. Getting Doom for PS4One for less is pretty easy. Getting ports earlier might be one solution to also get the price down at the same time as on the other consoles. Having to pay the full price for 'old' games really sucks sometimes.


Right now i hope that Dark Souls Remastered isn't that far away anymore and that it will be priced way closer to the PS4One versions. Getting games on Switch in time and at the right price will be one key for multiplat success, at least for the multiplat games we get on Switch within the next few years.

But there's plenty of reasons to play multiplat games on the weakest though most flexible hardware.