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I don't Twitter so I don't know what the hashtag is used for, but I fully support the idea of leaving a political party if you do not feel that it is serving your best interest. I am an independent who votes based on policy and not on the political party. I feel that the first-past-the-post system is god awful and basically ensures that no matter who is in power, they will be at the beck and call of the wealthy. I feel that the proper way to do political parties is to have representation be a proportion of the votes earned, like how Europe does it. This will allow more parties to grow and to meet the will of the electorate.

That said, I fully support whoever has the best chance of defeating Trump and/or Pence in 2020. The current administration has severed diplomatic and commerce ties with our allies and best trading partners. His administration locked up children and purposely took them away from their parents. To anyone to purports to follow Christianity, they should be able to read the words of Christ, see what the current Republican party is doing, and realize that they are in blatant disagreement with basically all of Christ's words from his ministry on Earth, which was all about loving one another and taking care of the sick, elderly, and needy.

Last edited by Megiddo - on 15 July 2018