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Replicant said:

KBG29 said:
Sony had and still has all the tools to be a major player in all aspects ranging across OS, Hardware, Software, Digital Store Front, Music, Games, Movies, TV, Displays, Stereos, Spreakers, and more. All they have to do is just unify behind a common goal. Sadley, they just can not get all divisions on the same page. Even today continue to fight against each other. As they continued to fight with no division gaining any ground, and billions being lost, investors almost completely gave up on them.


This is so true. They should do something along the lines of what some of those online personal projects suggest as e.g. this one:

Great link. If Sony followed what is laid out there, and eventually got all of their devices running on their own OS, then over the next decade, they could start to make a charge at Google, Apple, and Microsoft. I believe they are going to have to get it together fast though, because PlayStation is going to come under attack in the Home Console market with more consoles, and streaming from almost every direction. They need to capitalize now, by expanding PlayStation to Mobile, and getting the PS OS on their TV's. They can't just lay down as others bring the fight to them. They have to go after the Mobile space, as the Mobile players come after the console space. 

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