Pagan said:

Dude.. he said he consider leaving nato, fbi is deep state, hillary is deep state, cia is deep state, obama created isis, mexicans are ALL rapists, he can kill someone in a street no one would care, they said jews will not replace us he said there are good people on both sides, russia is holding germany Captive, duterte is a good man, Putin is a great man (at least 25 times), everything is Obamas fault but doesnt give any reasons, mc Cain is a traitor,  bad words about the EU but countless times, sepperating children from their families and calling CHILDREN criminals????? (Most idiotic thing he has done so far), everything beside infowars and fox news is fake news, Erdogan is a great man turkey is a great country, they have good people in the neo nazi scene, xxx hollywood actor is not funny or has bad acting skills etc...

What i mean with that is that he is an idiot.

Religious cult leaders say equally insane things all the time. That doesn't mean they're stupid. I means they're good manipulators. That's what I think of Trump. If he were stupid, he wouldn't have $12 billion in assets and the White House. He's good at tricking people. That's what he's done his whole life for a living, from his real estate dealings to fake charities where the funds go right into his personal bank account and never leave to phenomena like Trump University. Tens of millions of people actually believe that he is perpetually under audit by the IRS and that that prevents him from disclosing his tax returns. He's effective at conning people who want to believe something.

TheLegendaryWolf said:
Another one of those hurr durr Trump is a Russian puppet threads again, can't wait for the over-reactionary but bound to be entertaining cAn wE iMpeAcH hiM nOw thread.

You know, the fact that a political development might be somewhat extreme doesn't mean it didn't happen or that it's not real. Yes, there is a lot of false drama in the world. But there also are legitimately significant developments. I think it's legitimate for me to be concerned about who is controlling my country and what is being done on the world stage in my name.