Pagan said:
Immersiveunreality said:
The American left has turned full masshysteria since Trump got elected, has nothing to do with facts anymore and it kinda turned into a paranoid religion.
And you can say what you want but Putin is a more intellectual strong leader than most of the american ones,better to have Russia as a friend instead of hypocitically marking them as the bad guys.

And yeah also look up on Hillarys connections and Obamas connections with Russia, does that make them Russian tools?
Talking about tools,those involved in this masshysteria are the biggest.

Dude.. he said he consider leaving nato, fbi is deep state, hillary is deep state, cia is deep state, obama created isis, mexicans are ALL rapists, he can kill someone in a street no one would care, they said jews will not replace us he said there are good people on both sides, russia is holding germany Captive, duterte is a good man, Putin is a great man (at least 25 times), everything is Obamas fault but doesnt give any reasons, mc Cain is a traitor,  bad words about the EU but countless times, sepperating children from their families and calling CHILDREN criminals????? (Most idiotic thing he has done so far), everything beside infowars and fox news is fake news, Erdogan is a great man turkey is a great country, they have good people in the neo nazi scene, xxx hollywood actor is not funny or has bad acting skills etc...

What i mean with that is that he is an idiot.

All you did here is turning left media politics into facts, congratulations.