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Heavenly_King said:
Now they should advertise their flagship smartphones more!!! Xperia ZX2 Premium looks really fantastic!!!!!

I wish Xperia would go away. Selling devices that loose you money, while boosting the userbase of a direct competitor is terrible business. They need to get their Phones and TVs running on their OS and connected to their Store. The expereince between their Consoles, Phones, and TVs should be unified and seamless. If they continue to rely on Google, and refuse to expand their ecosystem beyond consoles, this success will be short lived.

loy310 said:
Long way off from an all time high of 142.38. They lost so much ground for like 20 years straight.

Sony had and still has all the tools to be a major player in all aspects ranging across OS, Hardware, Software, Digital Store Front, Music, Games, Movies, TV, Displays, Stereos, Spreakers, and more. All they have to do is just unify behind a common goal. Sadley, they just can not get all divisions on the same page. Even today continue to fight against each other. As they continued to fight with no division gaining any ground, and billions being lost, investors almost completely gave up on them. Now that PlayStation has taken a clear cut lead in profitability, and growth, along with success in the CMOS business, investors are slowly starting to see the possability of good things to come. If they can just get every division on board to unify behind the PlayStation OS and PlayStation Store, then they will be on their way to rocketing past their previous record high.

If Sony can unite all divisions, and deliver a unified ecosystem, that offers a seemless expereince across all products, and delivers the best of Sony directly to all of their devices, they will give anyone a run for their money.

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Kevyn B Grams