Well NBA 2K19 is coming, so I think only their sports titles. Their excuse for not bring WWE is laughable though. Basically is reads to me as...

"We made a shitty port and fans called us out for it and gave us backlash. Rather than take the time to properly develop the game for Switch, like Panic Button has done with more demanding games, we are just going to use the Switch being a weaker console as an excuse so we can pull out and put forth minimal effort to right our laziness (in this case, none)."

Unfortunately I feel like this is going to be a trend for most 3rd party devs outside of Japan. For those titles, we will only have what Panic Button or other Switch port devs (if any emerge) can give us. Talented as they are however, they can only work on so much at once. It is sad because day and date releases on Switch at a similar price point would yield them huge returns. They seem to be clueless how much late ports at a jacked up price (or in this case a shitty port) can hurt their sales and be the difference between the Switch being profitable for them, or losing money on said port.

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