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I haven't given the game a fair shake yet, but when I started I didn't think too much of it, maybe I should go back to it. I didn't like the combat or the progression of the missions, it felt too much like being forced through the story with an emphasis on replaying to see other bits of story. But I suppose my opinion on those could change, I have enjoyed some games like Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter, Lightning Returns, Majora's Mask that all relied on multiple replays and the combat is probably passable, I just didn't like it much.

I like that the developers were so excited about giving all the female characters unique underwear though. It's such an odd thing to hear a developer talking about, it just seemed genuine. I have to say character design uniqueness is another thing I thought was lacking, I'm not a fan of having 12 or so characters that have such similar designs, school uniforms at that.

Don't think I'll return to it any time soon though.