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jason1637 said:

How much do you think Pokemon Let's Go will sell first week, by the end of 2018, and lifetime?

My Predictions, 

FW: 3.5 million

2018: 9 million

Lifetime: 14 milliom

I'd say 14 million - in just its first year.

Lifetime 25 million.

Remember: Pokemon Red/Blue sold over 30 million. Yellow over 14 million. Overall, it's still the most widely known and popular Pokemon game. Let's Go is clearly a remake of that game and will heavily emphasize that fact when marketed.

They're also piggybacking on a worldwide phenomenon in Pokemon GO - which will be tracking near 1 billion downloads by the time Let's Go arrives on Switch.

While us forum dwellers easily set poor, modest or even somewhat healthy expectations on Let's Go - the truth is that it's deliberately made to appeal to a massive mainstream audience. 

Mark my words, the week it launches - it'll pour jet fuel all over Switch sales.

The Pokeball plus - even though it's a gimmick - will likely end up as one of Nintendo's best selling gimmicks ever. Fistfights among parents, millenials, and random older Pokemon Go players will breakout on Black Friday to get the Pokeball plus. News broadcasters, parents, and priests will attempt to report negatively on the new Pokemon game - only to later be sucked into it.

I think it'll be fun game - and such a big hit that no one will sit on the fence about it regardless of the review scores.

This will also be the game that also likely push many families to start buying more than 1 switch unit - with Smash Bros likely furthering that rationale.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016