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Chazore said:

PUBG is graphically superior to most indie games. Is it that this somehow eludes you? I've said it a few times that it can't be called just another indie game when discussing graphics which is what you did to downplay the game.

I pointed the cons of PUBG too, another point you skipped. I said it doesn't have the visual effects of Wolfenstein 2 but the resolution more than makes up for it.

You say you care for multiple platforms, and I said the same thing. You care for PC and Switch while downplaying everything PS4 and Xbox One, PS4 in particular. No gamer cares for just one franchise, your point is just plain dumb. I like GOW, BOTW, Gran Turismo, Assassin's Creed, Infamous, Forza, Dark Souls and lots of other franchises. I like PC and PS4 gaming. Your argument is to paint yourself as a hardcore gamer who is more enlightened than the rest of us. Its bogus and pretentious.

I never said anything when it comes to GOW and BOTW's graphics. Don't know why discussion of a Switch game warrants discussion of another Switch game. BOTW isn't a shooter. Stop bringing its visuals in a discussion of Pubg Mobile and Wolfenstein 2 graphics. There are no Android and iOS exclusive AAA games to compare.

PC is to make games but its not there to play games. Most people don't play games on PC and atleast didn't build a PC for gaming. Smartphones and PC's are for many purposes.

It's really, really not graphically superior to other indie games. That's you looking at it with favour and rose tinted glasses. There are indie games out there that look visually stunning both artistic and graphical wise. it's not just PuB and nothing more out there, that's completely narrow minded and stupid to boot. 

The way it's been running and tossed into early access from the get go, it can be considered one by those standards. 

The resolution doesn't somehow trump an actual AAA studio and it;s original quality.

I have friends that game on PS4, Switch, PC and Xbox, and tbh, I own the Switch, 3DS, N3DS and the PC, so that's what I game on, that's naturally what I am going to care for. The same can be said for those who only game on PS4 and don't care for anything else, same goes for everyone that just games on one platform alone. Telling me that I should care fro what you care for is just plain stupid and doesn't work that way.

There are people out there that care for a franchise above others, but I guess you haven't considered that, especially with genres as well. I am one such person who cares more for the RTS genre that the FPS one, which sits in second place to my liking.

Your argument to present PuB as being something decent is just straight up daft, and the arguments for it all the more.

Yet you feel it was necessary to compare a totally different AAA game on the Switch, with one that isn't even on the Switch to begin with?. Why don't you stop comparing one totally different game with another and two different platforms, one of which is designed for communication first, gaming second. 

PC can do both, and it had to be able to play them in the first place in order to even test them on those systems and devkits. I know you're more than likely to shoot this back as a mirror rebuttal as the saving grace for mobile, but those two aren't the same either.

Actually a lot of people play games on PC, but I guess your ignorance says differently.

I said most. It looks better than the majority of indie games. Most of them are top down and side scrollers.

I'm not talking of production values I'm talking of graphics and resolutions and PUBG's visuals trump those of Wolfenstein 2.

Ah that proves the point. You only have Nintendo platforms and PC. I atleast have a Switch though haven't played it since SMO, due to a lack of interesting games. My Switch and PS3 are collecting dust atm but they still have quality games. You are missing out, you don't have access to the catalog of games which I do, so contrary to your point I have played far more games than you.

FPS isn't my jam. My favourite genre is hack and slash. Second simulation racing, third open world games. I don't play PUBG in FPP I play it in TPP. God of War isn't my favourite franchise, its Dark Souls. Lots of assumptions on your side.

The point of this discussion is to tell people that smartphones can play amazing games. Its also that PUBG is really good. The Switch comparison was to give some perspective on a free game on a phone being better looking than a $60 game on a console.

There are millions playing on smartphones as well but its not to say they bought a phone to play games. I know PC gamers who are on Steam that don't play a lot of games and made a PC and bought a laptop to do something productive.