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Chazore said:

Do you even read. I said indie games differ vastly when it comes to their demand. I showed Assetto Corsa as one extreme of what indie games can be. PUBG is certainly more demanding than the majority of indie games and shouldn't be downplayed just because its indie.

I didn't give mobile AA the pros. Go read again what I said. But to me its evident that PUBG mobile is better visually than Wolfenstein 2 on Switch. As for GOW, if you're pointing out some sort of bias, I could point out your constant defending of everything PC and Switch and your entire history is filled with that stuff. I on the other hand have said a few times that BOTW was absolutely amazing and so is FH3. I hold no bias towards any platform but with your post history the same can't be said for you.

It doesn't matter if phones are for calling if they can play games and play them better than dedicated consoles. The same could be said for PC, its not designed for gaming, it just so happens to play games.

Why yes, yes I do.

Uhh, me calling PuB not being legitimately (because legit seemed to fly completely over your head, so I'll spell it out in full, since you claimed I couldn't read, you couldn't via short spelling) demanding isn't "downplaying". The devs have shown that they have fallen behind on optimizing their game, which has been pointed out via Xbox and PC levels of performance. The game is factually in no way the next "crysis" of video games, both visual and performance wise. The devs have also acknowledged that their game does inf act need optimizing and they have stated that they wish to work on that area of the game.

By not giving out the cons for mobile AA, but giving cons to the Switch you basically put it as a bonus for mobile. The fact that you're using an indie game known for it's bad optimization and visuals compared to an actual AAA game tells me that you do not understand actual quality is, let alone performance. If PuB works easily on mobile, then it would for Switch, either that or the devs are bad at porting toi the device, because other devs have shown that you can get it right with the Switch as long as you know what you are doing and are actually competent. 

Yeah, except I care for multiple platforms, and in general multiple games as well, so yes thank you for pointing out my love for more than one game, one franchise and one system

I on the other hand actually see beauty in other games that aren't AAA based, and those that are. I too think BotW looks like a good game visually, especially when it's beauty is amplified via Cemu. The same cannot be said for you either mate, but nice try trying to one up me and making yourself look better. That won't work here, nor will it work a second time within this thread. If you want to now make that the center of discussion, you will have to take it up via PM, because it will only serve as derailment (as well as painting a target of "I've got it in for this guy" all over your back).

It does actually. Phones have a primary design and they exist for their primary purpose. Gaming to mobiles is but a secondary function, like most other apps on a phone are designed for and around.

Playing them "better" is another thing entirely, but to claim that Mobile>Switch would just bring out the fan wars on both sides, and this site needs none of that trite. 

Btw, without a PC we wouldn't have anything, just throwing that out there. No need to "throw" something back, it's something that doesn't need a rebuttal to, because it's a fact that without a PC, we wouldn't even have games. 

PUBG is graphically superior to most indie games. Is it that this somehow eludes you? I've said it a few times that it can't be called just another indie game when discussing graphics which is what you did to downplay the game.

I pointed the cons of PUBG too, another point you skipped. I said it doesn't have the visual effects of Wolfenstein 2 but the resolution more than makes up for it.

You say you care for multiple platforms, and I said the same thing. You care for PC and Switch while downplaying everything PS4 and Xbox One, PS4 in particular. No gamer cares for just one franchise, your point is just plain dumb. I like GOW, BOTW, Gran Turismo, Assassin's Creed, Infamous, Forza, Dark Souls and lots of other franchises. I like PC and PS4 gaming. Your argument is to paint yourself as a hardcore gamer who is more enlightened than the rest of us. Its bogus and pretentious.

I never said anything when it comes to GOW and BOTW's graphics. Don't know why discussion of a Switch game warrants discussion of another Switch game. BOTW isn't a shooter. Stop bringing its visuals in a discussion of Pubg Mobile and Wolfenstein 2 graphics. There are no Android and iOS exclusive AAA games to compare.

PC is to make games but its not there to play games. Most people don't play games on PC and atleast didn't build a PC for gaming. Smartphones and PC's are for many purposes.