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I see this brought up quite a bit in discussions involving REmake 2, and so I thought I'd bring it here as a die-hard fan of the series. We already know they'll be adding a bunch of new content to the remake, the question I have for you all is, since I know there's a lot of Resi fans on these forums...

Will we get some kind of Nemesis easter egg(s) in REmake 2 when you reach the R.P.D.? Whether it be in the form of files, security cam footage and/or property damage: Nemesis-shaped hole in the window, scorch marks on the wall or even dried-up purple blood at the front door? Personally, I hope it happens and I think there's a good chance of it. Keep in mind that RE3's story didn't exist yet when the original RE2 was in development, so they didn't have to make note of him, not the case, anymore, so any tidbits pertaining to Nemesis, who was at the R.P.D. a day earlier in RE3, are fair game for the remake. Any longtime fan of the series knows it's not uncommon for them to give us files/easter eggs of characters in the next game. We already had the zombie Brad (who was turned into a zombie BY Nemmy in RE3) encounter and Jill office picture file in the original RE2, why not give us something for Nemesis in the remake? Plus common sense dictates a hulking monster who spills blood/acid everywhere would leave SOME kind of traces behind.

I'd also LOVE if we got security cam footage of Jill at the R.P.D., but I'm not gonna get my hopes up for that one. 

Last edited by KManX89 - on 09 July 2018