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Farsala said:
curl-6 said:

I didn't even mention BOTW, it's only the vote spread across Mario Bros/World/64 that surprises me.

Yes I brought it into the conversation as an indicator of age.

Most voters voted for BoTW, and for all the other voters the same age as the ones who voted for BoTW, but instead decided to vote for something else. It is clear that most of these voters do not have the memory or the age and so are less likely to be Mario Bros or World fans and more likely to be 64 fans.

It's a convoluted sentence, but I hope it is understood.

I've been gaming since the 80s but can easily see why BOTW and M64 would be voted for instead, Super Mario World may be seen as a great game but as a launch title it didn't have the same impact as these games it in fact took the release of DKC years later to really send the platform flying, many older gamers also prefer and actually see SMB3 as the better game as well. SMB helped the NES overcome the crash but the platform has a staggered release for western players, when it was launching it was a steady performance as far as launch performance goes and due to the staggered launch it was launched in a number of countries with other games like Zelda.