SKMBlake said:
That's a shame, really. 480p in portable mode ? Even Doom runs better than that. And not mentioning Bayonetta 2, ARMS nor Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which are more polished games and run at 720p@60fps

Keep in mind that Bayonetta 2 runs at around 45-55 fps on the WiiU before making the jump over to the Switch. Doom runs at 1080/60 on all other current gen systems.

Crash runs at 30fps on both the ps4p and X1X.And isn't even a locked 30fps on the base X1 machine.

Always have to consider where the ports are coming from before you point and say "but this game runs better"

The 480p is lower than the highs that doom goes on portable mode too... but it's also higher than the lows (ack my brain) but you get what I mean, I'm sure some people would rather a locked 480p than a dynamic scaler which can reduce image quality in busy scenes, just food for thought.

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