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LiquorandGunFun said:

fuck passes, fuck subs, im done with it once i buy the damn game. plain and simple.

Game is free though.

As for the OP, the line about

" If you see someone sporting last Season's tier 100 skin, you know they must be a good player."

you know this is in the paragraph which follows the one where you wrote

" Anyone with moderate skill could reasonably pull it off."

So which is it?

In my views when you see a person running about with the tier 100 skin it tells me just one thing about them, they love to pay for cosmetics, no two ways about it, the skins are 100% cosmetic and do nothing for you in game, you can buy both the pass and buy the tiers for cash so someone with a high tier skin could just swipe their mums credit card more than someone who convinces her to pay for just the base battle pass.

But yeah, the only thing you can tell about a player with a battle pass skin is that they bought the battle pass, they bought a thing for money which gives them zero advantage in a game just because it looks pretty, in my opinion... that isn't a "good player" and if anything I would deem it to be a more fun target because when you shoot that person in the head you know they're a person that cares what their head looked like right before it exploded into items.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?