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m0ney said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

So did his predecessor Far Cry, but that one doesn't get praised

Nope, Far Cry doesn't look modern today, it was designed for CRT screens, it looks like a PS2 game on steroids (like most PC games of that era).

I said before already it doesn't look like much nowadays. Keep in mind there's almost 4 years in between both releases (February 2004 to November 2007). But calling it a PS2 game on steroids isn't giving it justice - unless you want to call all PS360 games like that, because for years they couldn't do any better than that game outside of bullshot trailers.

Also, Crysis doesn't look that much better these days. The textures are blurry, the models have very low poly counts (especially on foliage and enemy models), texture quality changes pops up all the time. It looks almost like an Indie game made on Unity now. Definitely not look modern anymore by any standards.