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VGPolyglot said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

I'd say 6th gen would be retro now

Question: What would be the cut-off at PC gaming? DirectX 9 (DX 10 came out in 2005, which would be a similar timeframe as 6th gen - but since the 7th gen was still based on DX9 GPUs, that survived for way longer than it should have)? A specific date? Something else?

Yeah, with PC gaming it does get a bit murky as there are no clear lines, I'm not sure where exactly to cut it off. Crysis maybe? Considering the technical showcase it was considered to be.

I still wonder why Crysis is considered such an unprecedented technical marvel considering they made Far Cry before that - and that one was even more ambitious and taxing on the hardware. I mean, it released 2004 on PC and it took 10 years until it got ported to PS360 in 2014. It doesn't look like much today anymore, but in early 2004 when it came out, even the best rigs had trouble getting stable framerates on medium settings!