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COKTOE said:
eva01beserk said:

Assuming your straight, theres like 5 girls on any given gaming forum. Sooo.....

I suggest you hurry and make your move, scratch that, you might already be to late.

Dont feel bad though, I would bet good money that most of us have a crush here. Specially since we do a vgchartz most attractive user contest every year. 





Sure. I think it's more difficult to foster here than it is IRL. Quite certain of that. I know people here have hooked up. At least one fairly long term relationship started here. I would never flirt with anybody on a gaming forum though, so there is a fair amount of conjecture in my opinion.


Again for guys is hard as the odds are against them. But should be easy for girls. Odds are in their favour.


To be fair .Thats also true in real life. 

It takes genuine talent to see greatness in yourself despite your absence of genuine talent.