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02 June 2017

The new Steam Stats are out! 

Big changes in the (Nvidia-dominated) top 5 of GPUs: Steam has a new GPU-king and it is... the ancient GTX 750 Ti, which had huge gains this month. Only the low-level GT 730 had bigger gains. Was that a stock clearance before the GT 1030 and RX 550 take over this performance area or will the GTX 750 + 750 Ti stay as cheaper options the next months? 

Meanwhile the old king (GTX 970) lost popularity (no surprise with a lot of newer cards in that performance area)... the GTX 1060 almost reached its share and will be on second place next month for sure.


There are no numbers for the Radeon RX 5x0 series yet! They are still hidden in "others"... shame on you, Valve!

Due to the lack of RX 5x0 numbers, take the slow growth of Polaris-GPUs with a grain of salt, it's probably much better.


The last months I screwed up the comparison of GPUs, which should be able to keep up with a standard PS4 or Xbox One in most games (so better performance than a 750 Ti, which is faster in some games but slower in others with similar settings to the PS4/XBO-versions): i forgot the GTX 1050 + 1050 Ti