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02 April 2017

Okay, here is the monthly update of Steam + SteamSpy stats:

  • no big Steam user growth in the SteamSpy estimates
  • despite of that 4 million more "powerful" systems... many GPU upgrades?
  • 30% of the Steam hardware should be able to keep up with PS4 + XBO
  • I added the PS4 hardware base (most popular console) for better growth comparison
  • GTX 1070 + GTX 1060 already in the top 5 of the most popular Steam GPUs
  • GTX 750 Ti as entry model still very popular
  • RX 480 with healthy growth, RX 460 + 470... not so much
  • Titan X Maxwell + Titan X Pascal now counted together... why?
  • no GTX 1080 Ti numbers yet
  • after a slight drop last month: Windows 10 64-bit again at more than 50%